Over the past few years, more and more people have ditched their cheap and flimsy cartridge razors for something more, something better. In today’s era there is a sizable market of men who enjoy wet shaving every day. Exciting, but not surprising. Some wet shavers enjoy the effectiveness and ease-of-use of a safety razor, and some enjoy the precision and insane performance of a straight razor. There have been plenty of razors to offer one or the other, but never one to offer it all. That is where Block Shaving Company comes in. A company built by and for wet shaving enthusiasts. We have created a revolutionary razor that offers the shaver what he could have only dreamed of before. The Block razor is the first and only of its kind to combine all the benefits of a safety razor with all the performance aspects of a straight razor. This is not another cheap zinc alloy safety razor. The Block razor is made using premium quality manufacturing processes and premium quality materials. We have worked very hard to invent and secure patents for the Block razor and we truly hope you enjoy your shaving experience. Thank you very much for joining the Block Shaving Company team.